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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

What is Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)?

Man gong through ketamine assisted psychotherapy

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a therapeutic modality that involves the use of Ketamine during a therapeutic session. Therapists providing KAP have unique training that allows them to understand the nature of the Ketamine experience and how to support you through your experience. 

The Ketamine space can bring up strong images and emotions, so during a KAP session, a therapist will hold space for you in a safe and supportive way while you sit with and work through what is coming up due to the medicine.

Next, your therapist will be present during your sessions to record anything of importance or any revelations during your infusion. The therapist will support you through any challenging material and spend time with you after the effects of the medicine are beginning to wear off to begin any integration that is helpful from the treatment.

Man gong through ketamine assisted psychotherapy
Woman going to ketamine assisted psychotherapy

What Happens After My First Session?

Woman going to ketamine assisted psychotherapy

Finally, your KAP therapist will meet with you a few days after the treatment to continue the integration. During these sessions, you will explore challenges and insights you encountered during the ketamine treatment. Ideas, feelings, and sensations you experience during an infusion session can be meaningful for healing. 

We help you find ways to carry those themes over to your daily life through integration. Pairing psychotherapy with ketamine infusions has been shown to improve the benefits of ketamine and shown longer-lasting results in symptom reduction.

 Your KAP therapist can also work closely with any other mental health professional you are working with to enhance your well-being and help you carry forward the insights and new goals you have gained. 

The intention is to deepen your ketamine-assisted therapy experience to allow you to receive all the benefits from this treatment modality. Our goal is to help you move towards a more whole and well-rounded state of being.

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