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Spravato (Esketamine) Raising Both Hopes and Concerns

Many of you may or may not have heard that Spravato (Esketamine), a nasal spray, was approved by the US FDA in March of 2019 for treatment-resistant depression.  This new drug is a ketamine cousin since it is a portion of the ketamine molecule.  It has been touted as a breakthrough in the treatment of depression.  I think the jury is still out.  There are many things about Spravato that may be beneficial, but there is a lot we do not know.  The patient treatment course is long and difficult with 2 treatments per week for 1 month, and 1 treatment per week for a month following the initial month of treatment.  Those treatments are required to be given in an office with an observation period of 2 hours for each treatment.  Janssen, the makers of Spravato, did perform clinical trials but again I think the jury is still out.  I think there is more evidence to support the use of intravenous ketamine as a treatment for depression at this time.  As a member of the ASKP (American Society of Ketamine Physicians), I have attended conferences and webinars with leaders in the field of ketamine.  I have heard the stories of their successes.  I have seen my own patients turn their lives around after receiving intravenous ketamine therapy for depression.  If you have questions about ketamine, give us a call.  The team at Thrive is here to help.  We want you to flourish without restrictions.

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