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How To Explain CRPS To Someone

CRPS is a condition that causes extreme pain, especially in the limbs. While it is best diagnosed by a medical practitioner, knowledge of the condition is also necessary. Many people suffer from chronic pain without seeking help, whether it’s because they don’t know it’s a treatable condition or because they’ve…

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Migraines & Magnesium

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from migraines? If so, you know how debilitating they can be. Migraines can cause severe pain, nausea, and sensitivity to sensory stimuli like bright lights and sounds. They can last for hours or even days, and, all too often, they…

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Is CRPS An Autoimmune Disease?

An autoimmune disease is a condition where your immune system attacks healthy cells in the body. The immune system usually protects the body from bacteria and viruses, and when it senses danger, it dispatches an army of protective cells to fight off infection. Usually, the immune system can differentiate between…

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What Is An Anxiety Attack?

People with an anxiety disorder often have a fearful reaction to uncommon things and events. Their anxiety response may include physical symptoms like sweating and pounding of the chest. It's okay to feel anxious when you're faced with a problem or when you have to deal with a new situation.…

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Does Depression Run In Families?

It’s well known that certain illnesses can run in families – examples include cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and many others – but what about mood disorders? Research indicates that depression and other mood disorders appear to be caused by genetics and other influencers, but more research is needed. Continue reading…

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Lifestyle Changes To Help Fibromyalgia

Different spots on your body hurt or are highly sensitive to even the slightest touch. You may be sore because of a strenuous job, rigorous exercise, or intense physical activity, but it’s something you’re having trouble dealing with. You may have fibromyalgia, but there are lifestyle changes and treatment options…

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If you’ve lived through a traumatic experience, you may suffer symptoms like avoidance or relationship trouble. But symptoms related to consciousness, memory, and self-identity could be warning signs of a subcategory of post-traumatic stress disorder called dissociation. Many people can lessen harmful symptoms with therapies, including medicine or ketamine infusion…

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How To Support Someone With OCD

Supporting someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can often be as hard as what a family member or friend goes through in battling symptoms of the condition. But challenges are meant to be overcome, and with time and effort, you will learn the best way to support someone with OCD. What…

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PTSD VS Acute Stress Disorder

People who experience a traumatic event sometimes have trouble dealing with the physical or psychological toll of what happened. In some cases, they can develop other mental health illnesses that hinder their quality of life – ASD and PTSD. What is PTSD? Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health…

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What Not to Say to Someone with Depression

There are millions of people that battle depression. Feelings of sadness and loneliness happen to everyone, but when negative emotions begin affecting your quality of life every day, it’s time to get help. If you know someone who’s depressed, there are ways you can help – as well as things…

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