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What is relocation depression? - thrive center grand rapids

What Is Relocation Depression?

Relocation depression is a psychological condition that many individuals experience when they move to a new place. It is a complex emotional response to the change in environment and can have a significant impact on one's mental well-being. Understanding the concept of relocation depression is crucial in order to effectively…

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Ketamine effective in treatment-resistant depression - mi

Ketamine Found Effective In Treatment-Resistant Depression

Treatment-resistant depression is a debilitating condition that affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. While traditional antidepressant medications have been the mainstay of treatment for depression, they are not always effective for everyone. However, recent studies have shown promising results in the use of ketamine for the treatment of treatment-resistant…

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Does depression run in families

Does Depression Run In Families?

It’s well known that certain illnesses can run in families – examples include cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and many others – but what about mood disorders? Research indicates that depression and other mood disorders appear to be caused by genetics and other influencers, but more research is needed. Continue reading…

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